about us


Welcome to our website!  We are so glad that you were able to take the time and visit us.  New Azusa is a church that loves God and loves God's people, no matter your age, where you've come from, or who you are, you can find a place to belong with us.  We believe that it takes all of us who are in the family of God, to be a family.   At New Azusa, we love the Word, we love praise, and we love fellowship
We are living in a time where people, young or old, are wanting a sense of belonging.
Belonging; that's just the way we are made, not to isolated, not to be alone, but to be together--experiencing life with others.  Belonging means having a place that's worse off when we're not there and better off when we are.  At New Azusa Ministries we're building a community that's got a place for you.